One, two, three, four, five, I counted them up for you quickly again. Because I did not want to go into overdrive. No, not on this fine and sunny day. Like you, enthusiastic just like you, I could get carried away with the topic, and this here topic I have chosen for you is all about the followers on Instagram. Not you and me, but the followers. Not to discourage you in any sort of way, but just to install a dose of reality, I stopped short of calling ourselves influencers.

Gosh, will you look at the time. The sun has begun to set just yonder over the mountain. From my bedroom window, I cannot see the majestic mountain that has stood in its place for a thousand or more years, nor can I see those wispy, ice-cream-like clouds billowing over it. But I can see myself in the mirror. And that is also what you need to do at this time. Take a hard, long look at yourself in the mirror. Reflect upon what it is you want to achieve. Knowing full well that you also need all the support you can get, you also need to think seriously about what kind of followers you would like to collect.

Do not worry about the seriousness of this suggestion. It is not judgmental. It is certainly in keeping with the harsh reality of the highly competitive social media environment in which we are all forced to earn our bread and butter. But it is all good once you start seeing and experiencing the results. No, this is not navel-gazing. It is all quite and very positive. Once you get to know yourself a little better, you will have a much clearer picture of what your followers would expect from you. Or if that is not the case, what they look forward to seeing or reading. From you. And with you. Because these are the kind of followers you would want. In order for them to be great supporters of your efforts and interests, you would want them to be active and willing participants. You would want them to be members of your team. I like to think of them as very important members of my little family.

You know what they say. You can always choose your friends, and in this case, your followers. But there is one thing you are stuck with for life. You cannot choose them. You are born into to it. From crudely to grave, you will always have your family, in one way or another. In one way or another because as it is in nature, people will come and go. As dear ones pass on, new, lovely little ones will take their place. I like the idea of having some of my followers as part of my family. They could be quite helpful in setting plans for the future.

I have given all of this a lot of thought. So, how about you then?