Here is a short Instagram themed post to help you gain more traction for your platform. What follows is not so much a tiresome litany of how to do this, or how to do that, but more of a short motivational essay in two easy parts. It’s a quick peek at key characteristics of both influencers and followers. The words, designed to help you get followers on Instagram, as well as help you become a better influencer, are not cast in stone. Musing thoughts here could spark new ideas for readers.

Influencers that trend on Instagram pushes the envelope. While they test new boundaries, they are not breaking any rules on social media ethics, if such a code of practice can be established, and the laws of fine entrepreneurship.

Leadership qualities come to the fore by way of a good example to be followed by others. Knowledge and expertise usually take time to develop. Persuasive language is not necessarily assertive, but it does get its readers to sit up and take note, perhaps prompting them into positive actions.

Marketing abilities also take time to develop. A business-oriented approach is taken in the mercenary interest of making as much money as possible. Here, greed is not the motivation. Rather, it should be well-known to any reader out there that in order for an online business or enterprise to be viable, a continuous source of funds is required.

Followers not necessarily with nothing better to do always like to read a good story. But given that they all lead busy and easily distracting lives, it remains necessary to keep these fine stories short so as not to lose their interest.

Loyalty is bought. The reality is not necessarily harsh but followers tend to thrive on enticements that tempt them to stay the course rather than wandering off aimlessly, or purposely, into the arms, or lairs, of a rival influencer.

A model follower is always willing to listen, or read and watch, what his influencer has in online stock, and ask questions. The reward is always new discoveries and new lessons learnt in the journey towards self-discovery and empowerment in more ways than one, and not necessarily in the monetary sense.

Further, a model follower is able to comprehend and follow through on calls to action made by his influencer. But bear in mind that it is never a case of jumping into the fire should said influencer demand this. If that were the case, however, it is also quite possible that such an influencer would not be on Instagram.

Finally, all followers should be active participants in the influencer’s program.

It is hoped that this short, two-part essay has been of value to the interested reader. Do note that the object of the exercise for the aspiring Instagram oriented social media activist should be to become both consummate influencer and follower. The two roles go hand in hand, and one can never be without the other. It would be like walking long distances in hard shoes but without the socks.