Sit! The dog sits but does not stop wagging its tail. Roll over! The hairy canine does exactly what you say, it’s wet tongue sagging out the side of its jaw, saliva dripping profusely. Play dead! Thankfully, the dog lies stock-still, and you finally have your peace. Now, imagine if you could do all of this with real people. Imagine if you could get Instagram followers to do exactly as you say. But in the real world, unless you have been able to get away with murder and declare yourself the dictator, with a million-man army to back you up, you know that this is not entirely possible.

But you could come close. You will never know unless you try.

One of the best areas – this much has already been declared – in which you can persuade others to do as you wish is within the realm of the globe’s social media networks. There are just so many of them in which you could sink your talons. To start making inroads towards getting others to do as you say, you cannot merely dip your claws into the shiny black hat, otherwise known as the modern-day magician’s top hat, and pick a network, like picking the furry white rabbit, cottontail still intact, out of the hat.

It does not work like that, and you may as well blindfold yourself and attempt to pin the tail on the donkey.

Although it could still be said that the donkey is a very fine creature indeed. A real workhorse as those who have used it will declare. You could advertise. If you’re looking for hard working men and women to help you out in your shop or factory, you could advertise the vacancy on your selected social media platform. With selection being the operative word here. And once you’ve done your research, you could be settling into the advantages of utilizing the Instagram platform.

If your business is internet and software friendly, this is a place where you could start getting people to do as you say. But no matter how good the presentation tools and plugins are, you still have to make the message clear enough. Your visitors and future followers need to understand exactly what it is you expect from them. And even if you get this much right, that much still needs to be done. You do not need to be overly explicit but you do need to utilize your best persuasive tone possible. In the highly competitive universe of social media, being meek and mild simply and no longer cuts it.

But in making your call to action, be careful not to come across as being desperate. Do not make it that obvious to them that you desperately need their business. This impression of sheer desperation could just scare them off. They’ll run a mile away from you and you may never be able to reel them in again. Or leave the discerning consumer feeling highly unimpressed. You’ve lost him too.