Two signposts that give you clear indications on what kind of progress you are making with your Instagram platform are these. In the first case, I would be monitoring my stats. Doing so is as easy as ABC as far as I’m concerned. And in the second case, I always like to check in and see whether I have managed to gain Instagram followers, since last week, today, or anytime next week. The way I see it, the number of Instagram followers you have recorded under your Instagram platform is no longer part of a popularity contest.

Look, it is more of a commercial enterprise than ever before. Followers, if you have them, are doing two things right for you. If you are in that line, they are buying your products and/or services. Or if they are not active consumers, they are promoting your business, social concerns, or personal pet project directly or indirectly. Indirectly in the sense that you have them recorded under your profile. That is how other languid visitors to your platform may perceive you. You are actually quite a popular guy.

But as I was saying, that is not how I like to see things on my Instagram platform. I would rather have direct participation and promotion from my followers, thank you very much. But it is up to you to coax them into action. It is not that your followers are not proactive activists or influencers on Instagram like you and me. It is just that, like you and me, they are very busy people. They are also human and thank God for that because I for one, do not enjoy talking to bots. Although I must say that I do get a thrill out of telling them what to do.

If I have bots on my system, I use them at will. I give them correct commands and they are prompted into action, usually to attract the attention of others, as in your real, human interactors, soon to become your active followers. Sometimes even, my active followers, if they are not too busy and not doing as I say, have some useful things to say to me. They could be making suggestions or asking me a few pertinent questions. Whether I am able to counter this or respond to it positively or not is beside the point.

The fact remains, they end up helping me a lot. But it would not be happening if I were not doing my part. There are any number of tasks that you need to keep yourself busy with in order to gain new followers to your Instagram platform and get them to respond positively to you. Regular posting, your own fair share of following, hashtag creation and allocation and comprehensive research and development on a regular basis helps you out. As to how intense the work is going to be for you going forward is entirely up to you.

Because get this. I really would not want you to kill yourself.